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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Veronica Grant – Dating Mindset Coach – on how to enjoy the process of dating, get comfortable with intimacy and attract the right partner. In this episode, we chat about: • Veronica’s 3 important steps to getting the relationship you desire • What you can do if your self-image holds you back from dating • Why you need to “date yourself” first and how to do that • How to overcome first date anxiety and feel comfortable • Why you shouldn’t buy a new dress before a date • How perfectionism gets in the way of finding the right partner and having a solid relationship • How you can become more intimate in your relationships • How to know when it’s time to leave a relationship • Plus so much more!

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I chat with Anita Wing Lee – Transformational Life Coach and Award-Winning Speaker – on how listen to and trust your intuition, find you purpose in this life and get paid to travel. In this episode, we chat about: • How Anita traveled the world, gets paid to travel and how this helped her discover her purpose • You feel like there is something bigger for you in this life, but you don’t know how to find “it” or where to begin – Anita talks about how to do this • What it means to trust your intuition • Why intuitive eating goes wrong for a lot of people • Anita’s best tools for tapping into your intuition • A non-woo-woo version of what it means to live in the flow • How to make big changes in your life without being held back by fear • Plus so much more!

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Anastasia Amour – Body Image Educator, Self-Esteem Coach and author of Inside Out – on how to stop letting your weight dictate your worth, why feeling sexy is a state of mind and how she practices fearless body confidence. In this episode, we chat about: • Anastasia’s journey from being bullied as the “fat girl” growing up to a near-fatal 5 year battle with Anorexia to being the confident woman she is today • What the road to recovery looks like • How she got to know who she was at her core and started to express that • What loving your body really means and why our false expectations can hold us back • The role of toxic relationship in our body image • Why you can love your body and still have bad body days, plus how she manages those • How to move your body and eat more healthfully without going crazy • The importance of changing beliefs, especially those that are fatphobic • How to feel sexy from the inside out • Anastasia’s Instagram feed – why it’s one of my favorites to follow • Plus so much more!

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with one of my mentors, Tara Mohr – author of Playing Big and expert on women’s leadership and well-being – on how to be more loyal to your dreams than your fears, managing self-doubt and how to unhook from praise and criticism. In this episode, we chat about: • How Tara’s work influenced my life and how I work with clients • What it means to “play big” and the different ways that we play small and don’t even realize it • The relationship between self-doubt and playing big and why we cannot eliminate self-doubt • Why women are socialized to be people pleasers and how that influences the way we show up in this world • Why body perfectionism is a common form of self-doubt and why it’s not really about your body • The limitations of being hooked on praise and criticism • How you can start to be less concerned with what other people think • Plus so much more!

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Glenys Oyston – Registered Dietician, blogger and podcaster – brings the sass as we blow up the B.S around weight, health and dieting and why it’s so hard to let go of the seductive appeal of dieting. We chat about: • How Glenys overcame her battle with restrictive eating and discovered Health At Every Size • Why dieting is so seductive and hard to let go of • How to overcome the ramifications of dieting – a.k.a. “Diet PTSD” • Why looking at health through the lens of weight is B.S. • How to focus on health without being restrictive • Her experience working as a “fat dietician” who practices HAES • Plus so much more!

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I chat with Patricia Colli – creator and editor of BeUtiful magazine – on why body image is a feminist issue and on whether posting semi-nude selfies is objectifying or empowering. In this episode, we chat about: • Patricia’s journey towards body positivity • The purpose behind the magazine and what inspired her to start BeUtiful magazine • Our thoughts on how major corporations leverage body positivity for profit • Why body image is a feminist issue • Whether we’re doing an in justice to body positivity by showing our bodies on social media • Where is the line between objectification and empowerment? • What did we think of Amy Schumer’s response to being included in Glamour magazines “diverse” issue • Plus so much more!

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Noelle Tarr – non-dogmatic Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and personal trainer – on how to set goals and redefine your relationship with fitness and health without going crazy. In this episode, we chat about: • Noelle’s journey from feeling unworthy in her body to feeling acceptance with who she is • How she shifted her frame of mind around fitness from aesthetics to capability • The signs to look for if you are overtraining and why rest is awesome • How to pursue health from a place of self-love without a dieting frame of mind • Your morality is not defined by your fitness choices • What to do if you struggle with the idea that “not dieting” means you’ll never eat healthy again • Why Noelle (and I) hate the word goal setting and what she suggests instead • A wicked rant on how to feel inspired to move your body if you’ve had a bad relationship with exercise in the past • Plus so much more!

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I chat with Theresa Larson – author of Warrior – on her struggle with bulimia while she was serving in the military and how she found the courage to ask for help and abandon the idea of “perfect”. In this episode, we chat about: • How Theresa battled with an eating disorder while doing service in the military and her road to recovery • What it was like to admit that she needed help – in the military environment - and how she found the courage to heal • How it felt when she was told to “suck it up” by the “Navy Shrink” • Why addiction to control was at the heart of Theresa’s eating disorder • How she was able to let go of that addiction and how she practices letting go of control • Why she felt it was important to share her story and how that’s been for her • How she continues to heal and manage perfectionism tendencies • What loving your body means to Theresa • Plus so much more!

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Healing Body Image Through Selfies - Interview With Vivienne McMaster

I chat with Vivienne McMaster – creator of Be Your Own Beloved, photographer and body image advocate – on how you can heal negative body image through selfies and choose compassion over critique in photos. In this episode, we chat about: • How Vivienne used photography to heal her body image and change her negative stories • How long it took Vivienne to start to see her body in a loving way through photography • What it really feels like to “love your body” and why there isn’t a “self-love” party at the end of it • Selfies are so much more than arm’s length photos • How to start seeing your photos through a loving and compassionate lens • What to do if you typically avoid photos or find them triggering • How to begin to love pieces of you where you normally direct hate • Are we really so much more than a body? • Simple ways for you to start embracing what you see in the photo and use selfies as a tool of healing on your body image journey • How to overcome fear around taking selfies and why they are not narcissistic • Plus so much more!

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In this episode, we chat about: Where our need to compare comes from, Why it is one of the last things to disappear on your way to body love, The cultural influence on our need to compare, Why looking at comparisons from a broader social perspective helps us to unpack why they occur, Our evolutionary need to compare and corresponding emotional response, 9 steps you can take to end compare and despair today, Plus so much more!

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