Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
“Normal” Eating - With Christy Harrison

I chat with Christy Harrison – Intuitive Eating Counselor and Anti-Diet Registered Dietician – on what it means to be a “normal” eater, how the transition from dieter to intuitive eater looks and the fallacies around food addiction. • How Christy developed an eating disorder in college and what was at the root of her sudden obsession with weight • What it was like for her to discover intuitive eating • Her experience studying dietetics at school and what she noticed about the way weight and health are taught and the implications on our health care system • What it means to be a “normal” eater • The different stages that people go through when they transition from “dieter” to “intuitive eater” • The physiological reason why we go through the “honeymoon” / eat-all-the-things phase when transitioning to intuitive eating • Why food addiction is not real and the fallacies around that • Plus so much more!

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