Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I chat with Krista Niles – Therapist and Body-Positive Dating Coach – on how to navigate dating at any size, the best ways to meet new potential partners and why you don’t need to wait until you “love yourself first.” {IMAGE GOES HERE} In this episode, we chat about: • What prompted Krista to create the Curvy Cupid Course and help women with their dating and relationships • Where to even begin with dating if you’re inexperienced or have been out of the dating scene for a while • How dating norms have changed over the years • What to do if body insecurity gets in the way of you putting yourself out there and meeting new potential partners • How to initiate meaningful discussion to get to know new people • Krista’s recommended sites to use for online dating and why she recommends them • Alternative ways to meet people outside of online dating • How to filter out jerks, fat haters and people with weird fetishes • Why you don’t need to “love yourself first” • Can you teach someone about body positivity and is it worth your time pursuing a relationship where the person isn’t “woke” yet • Plus so much more!

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