Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I give you an epic guide to body image and body positivity with tons of theory on the most important concepts, including the societal and psychological factors that construct our body image, the importance of looking at self-worth, a description of the popular terminology and what the body positivity movement is all about. In this episode, I talk about: • What is your body image and what are symptoms of a poor body image • The relationship between beauty standards and body image. • The social and psychological factors that contribute to the way we feel about our bodies • What it means to have a positive body image and busting some common myths • The different stages we go through in order get to a place where we feel comfortable in our skin • An abbreviated summary of popular terminology in the body positive /anti-diet community, including, diet culture, health at every size (HAES), thin privilege and fatphobia • Body positivity 101 – what the movement is all about and why it’s so much more than half-naked selfies • Plus so much more!

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