Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m chatting with Mallorie Dunn – creator of SmartGlamour. She gives us a behind the scenes perspective on the fashion industry as it relates to body positivity, including how misleading sizing charts are and how clothing can help you with body acceptance. In this episode, we chat about: What SmartGlamour is all about, why it’s accessible for ALL bodies and why it’s blazing the trail for body positive clothing retailers. The importance of diverse representation in the fashion industry and why the majority of retailers are falling short with their attempts at “body positivity”. How we can support body positivity with our dollars and not just attitudes. How sizing charts are really created, why they are misleading and why you shouldn’t care. Why we need to reclaim the word “flattering” back to its true definition and how it’s current use is demoralizing. How to enjoy the shopping experience and explore new styles. What to look for when shopping if you have a changing body and how clothing can support your body acceptance. Plus, so much more! 

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