Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
Kristina Bruce, Certified Integrative Life Coach is on the show talking about how our thoughts are not the truth, tools you can use to change your beliefs about food and your body and more. We chat about:
- Kristina shares her story of being obsessed with “wellness” to be thin and how she found the anti-diet way and health at every size,
- How Byron Katie’s “The Work” helped her to find out her truth and stop relying on external messages, 
- The basics of “The Work” and the various questions you can ask yourself to dig into your beliefs,
- Why our stressful thoughts are not the truth, 
- How to dig deeper into beliefs in order to shift them or see them another way, 
- Specific steps you can take to explore a stressful/negative thought to try and shift it,
- How to integrate social justice into changing your thoughts, 
- Why our culture’s obsession with extreme diets might be a response to the chaos in the world,
Plus, so much more! 
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