Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
Rachel Cole shares the mic with me as we share our experiences with pregnancy, about our fears about the postpartum period, weight stigma, body image and more. We chat about:
- Our experiences with pregnancy thus far – the impact it’s had on our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and whether it was what we expected,
- The amount of self-care that we’ve had to allocate to managing the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy, 
- The cultural pressure and beauty standards are put on pregnant people,
- Weight stigma and the impact it has on pregnant people,
- How pregnancy has impacted the relationship we have with our bodies and our body image,
- The specific things we’ve done to support our body image throughout pregnancy, 
- Rachel’s Belly Love Podcast to help people “get out of the homogenous stories of bellies" and feel more at ease,
- Our fears about postpartum – depression, anxiety, isolation and what plans we’re putting in place to support us,
- The importance of learning and talking about the postpartum period, 
Plus, so much more! 
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