Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m revisiting my interview with my friend and colleague, Vivienne McMaster - creator of Be Your Own Beloved. We chat about how you can heal negative body image through selfies and choose compassion over critique in photos and I’ll be answering a listener question on body acceptance and aging. In this episode, we chat about:
- I answer a listener question navigating body acceptance and aging,
- How Vivienne used photography to heal her body image and change her negative stories,
- How long it took Vivienne to start to see her body in a loving way through photography,
- What it really feels like to “love your body” and why there isn’t a “self-love” party at the end of it,
- Selfies are so much more than arm’s length photos,
- How to start seeing your photos through a loving and compassionate lens,
- What to do if you typically avoid photos or find them triggering,
- How to begin to love pieces of you where you normally direct hate,
- Are we really so much more than a body?
- Simple ways for you to start embracing what you see in the photo and use selfies as a tool of healing on your body image journey,
- How to overcome fear around taking selfies and why they are not narcissistic,
Plus so much more!
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