Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Steph Gaudreau, NTP, and author of The Core 4 about how diet culture impacts wellness, why Steph shifted her message to Intuitive Eating and how she experienced burnout as an entrepreneur. We chat about:

- Steph’s story with how she got into health and fitness and how that evolved and adapted when she discovered Intuitive Eating,
- How Steph treated paleo like a diet when she first adopted that way of eating,
- How diet culture touches the wellness world and how “it became increasingly obvious that people were more confused about food than ever,”
- How she started to learn more about social justice, health at every size and eating disorder recovery and how this influenced her decision to become a Certified Eating Disorder Counsellor,
- Why we’re socialized to think that weight is our problem and how so many people don’t know how to think beyond that,
- The impact on her audience when she moved away from “Stupid Easy Paleo,”
- How Steph experienced burnout as an entrepreneur and the impact this had on her business and life,
- Why there is a facade that entrepreneurs put up that we “have it all together” and how this is a harmful illusion,
- How she is coming through the burnout and how this is changing where she focuses her energy,
Plus, so much more!

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