Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Virginia Sole-Smith, author of The Eating Instinct about how food should be safe and comforting first and foremost, plus we chat about how to feed kids intuitively. We chat about:
- How Virginia’s first daughter suffered from a heart defect, which resulted in her not being able to eat “normally” for the first two years of her life,
- What this taught Virginia about eating and our relationships with food,
- What inspired her to write The Eating Instinct and what she learned from it,
- How so many of us don’t feel safe or trust ourselves around food or get pleasure from it,
- How feeding kids has become so complicated and how diet culture influences the way we feed our kids,
- The Division of Responsibility approach from Ellen Sattyr for teaching kids to be intuitive eaters and separating diet culture from nutrition,
- How the pressure on moms intersects with diet culture,
- What to do if you’re confused on how to feed your child,
- What to do if you’ve been influenced by dieting and are unsure of how to introduce more “forbidden” foods to your kids,
Plus, so much more!
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