Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m talking about why it’s so hard to stop dieting, the addictive nature of diets, why this makes it so hard to break free, and what life is like without it, as part of the Body Image Series.
Show notes:
In this episode, I chat about:
- How dieting is like a drug in our culture,

- That there’s an anticipation of this perfect life and perfect body on the radar that keeps us hooked to dieting with a false sense of fulfilment,
- That the fear of the unknown is at the root of why it’s so hard to let go of dieting,
- How this is an opportunity to find new coping mechanisms that will actually help you process your feelings and feel better about yourself, regardless of your size,
- What life is like without dieting,
- How fulfilment is different from happiness,
Plus so much more!
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