Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

Movement Series: This is another instalment of the movement series where I’m joined by Steph Dykstra ­– creative director and martial arts coach at Iron Lion Training. She is talking about her relationship with her body through various sports, including boxing and powerlifting, how movement can be an outlet for emotions, and how her facility leads with inclusivity.
Show notes:
In this episode, I talk about:
- How Steph’s journey helped her see what sort of space she ultimately wanted to create,

- The continued pressure she felt to be smaller in the fitness world and the consistent work involved to have a healthy mindset when competing,
- Advice for people who are working to change their relationship to movement,
- Tips for overcoming the all or nothing mentality,
- How to move away from esthetic based goals and how to use the five whys,\
- What an inclusive space actually looks like,
Plus so much more!
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