Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
In this special 2-part episode I’m speaking to two incredible women who I've had the pleasure of working with in You, On Fire. 
In this episode, we meet Starlett...

After Starlett had her daughter, she gained a lot of weight and was having trouble accepting the changes. It was a new body and she says it felt like, “she was dropped into a foreign country where she didn’t know how to speak the language.” 

She says she was constantly told she needed to look a certain way and felt like if she accepted this body, she would be rejected by society and opening herself up to ridicule. 

I feel like so many of us can all relate to this. 

She asked herself, “do I want to stay on this cycle or do I want a real change?” 

Since working together, Starlett came to the realization that she is worthy and valuable just as she is - without any external validation.

She also respects that this is a journey and is still using the tools to be more compassionate and accepting of her whole self.

One breakthrough moment she had was when she looked in the mirror and she says, “I looked at myself and said I’m worthy and valuable just as I am. The best part is that I believed it. I can feel the change inside of me and I genuinely believe it…It feels amazing”

She says, “I’m worthy of the same grace I give my daughter. Yes, my body has changed but my worth and value haven’t. I just needed to see that. Now, I can see me for me without all these other things that used to define me.”
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