Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

In this special 2-part episode I’m speaking to two incredible women who I've had the pleasure of working with in You, On Fire.
In this episode, we meet April...

April says she started hating her body when she was 8 years old when traumatizing events led her to have a “punishing relationship with her body.”

She had been in therapy for years, but had never addressed her relationship with food and exercise. She was in a “constant battle with her body” and was afraid of what would happen if she stopped her restrictive ways.

She felt like her body was wearing out from all the over-exercising she was doing and knew she couldn’t continue.

One day, she had a realization when she was talking to a friend and said, “if I just liked myself, all of this could stop.”

Since doing YOF, she’s learned to trust herself and her body. She says she’s been “feeling really neutral in her body and that’s amazing.”

She also says she has “a neutral relationship with movement now.” She doesn’t freak out if she misses days of movement and she chooses movement that feels good for her body.

One particular highlight was when she wore a bathing suit (for the first time since her body changed) on a family boating trip and she wasn’t concerned with how she looked, rather she was in the moment.

Standing in front of the mirror, she’s had moments where she thinks, “this is me and I might even think she’s beautiful.”

Lastly, she says, “Most of the time I’m not thinking about it, which is a relief. There are moments where I even feel good and accepting. There are hard days too, but I have mantras that will get me through and I know they will pass. I’m in a much more comfortable place than I was a year ago.”
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