Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

In this special 2-part episode I’m speaking to two incredible women who I've had the pleasure of working with in You, On Fire.
In this episode, we meet Rosie...

Rosie talks about how, “as far back as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with my body image. I have really early memories of being ashamed of my body and being uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel like I’ve lived with that my whole life.”

She had done a lot of work on herself over the years in therapy and other coaching and she felt like she’d come a long way, but body image was still a struggle and she needed something more specific to help her work on it.

Since joining You, On Fire, she’s identified that her issues are not actually about her body, but this is what she latches onto.

She’s learned how to be self-compassionate and identify what she really values. She’s also been able to tap into the activism piece of this to help inspire her and realize she is a part of something bigger.

She was able to rethink how she looks at health and she realized that the most unhealthy thing about her life had been my inner critic.

She says, “I’m more gentle with myself now. I don’t need to be attractive to others and that’s not my purpose.”

She also went coasteering (when you climb up cliffs and jump into the ocean) which is something she never thought she’d do.

She says “I was feeling the power of my body and the strength and that I could take that leap. It made me really proud. These moments help you build up trust with yourself and think about yourself in a different way.”

Overall, she says “It feels really good. It’s a long path and it’s not a linear thing. It feels nice because I’m on that path now and it will continue to get better. I feel like I’ve got my own back on it. I can treat myself like my friend. Rather than being at war with myself, I can support myself through it. I have a more compassionate relationship with myself.”

She also says, “I tried to do it on my own, but it wasn’t going to happen. Finding Summer’s program and the community to help me through it is something I’m so grateful for.”
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