Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m joined by Virginia Sole-Smith, Author of Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture. We’re talking about how our culture is fixated on both the health and therefore weight of children, as well as helping them be body positive and how these two conflict. She talks about how fat phobia shows up at the dinner table, the influence of social media on how we feed our kids, the role of fathers, and how to raise kids that fight anti-fat bias and advocate for change.
Show notes:
In this episode, we talk about:
- The common refrain Virginia was noticing in conversations with parents and the realization it led to,

- That we’re seeing an epidemic of kids not feeling safe in their bodies,
- That you can’t talk about wanting to change kid’s body sizes, without talking about the clear harm this has caused,
- That we are all victims of diet culture, and we can all perpetuate diet culture,
- Advice for parents taking a child to the doctor,
- How to invite your child to think critically about the messages they’re receiving from a young age,
- Plus so much more!
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