Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with one of my mentors, Tara Mohr – author of Playing Big and expert on women’s leadership and well-being – on how to be more loyal to your dreams than your fears, managing self-doubt and how to unhook from praise and criticism. In this episode, we chat about: • How Tara’s work influenced my life and how I work with clients • What it means to “play big” and the different ways that we play small and don’t even realize it • The relationship between self-doubt and playing big and why we cannot eliminate self-doubt • Why women are socialized to be people pleasers and how that influences the way we show up in this world • Why body perfectionism is a common form of self-doubt and why it’s not really about your body • The limitations of being hooked on praise and criticism • How you can start to be less concerned with what other people think • Plus so much more!

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Glenys Oyston – Registered Dietician, blogger and podcaster – brings the sass as we blow up the B.S around weight, health and dieting and why it’s so hard to let go of the seductive appeal of dieting. We chat about: • How Glenys overcame her battle with restrictive eating and discovered Health At Every Size • Why dieting is so seductive and hard to let go of • How to overcome the ramifications of dieting – a.k.a. “Diet PTSD” • Why looking at health through the lens of weight is B.S. • How to focus on health without being restrictive • Her experience working as a “fat dietician” who practices HAES • Plus so much more!

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