Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m chatting with Dianne Bondy – Yoga Teacher, Social Justice Activist & leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. She talks about the intersection of racism and diet and yoga culture, why diet culture and yoga cannot co-exist and the white-washing of the yoga industry. What she noticed about yoga culture and how this prompted her to become a social justice activist. Dianne’s experience with discrimination and racism and the influence of this on her body image and self-worth. How the media’s portrayal of people of colour creates stereotypes, perpetuates racism and impacts the self-worth of women of colour. The “white-washing” of yoga culture and how this is counter to the roots of yoga and yoga philosophy. The co-opting of body positivity in yoga culture and all of the different reasons this is problematic. How to study your privilege and viewpoints to be a better ally. How diet culture permeates into yoga culture and why it’s counter to fundamental principles of yoga. Plus, so much more! 

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I’m chatting with Mallorie Dunn – creator of SmartGlamour. She gives us a behind the scenes perspective on the fashion industry as it relates to body positivity, including how misleading sizing charts are and how clothing can help you with body acceptance. In this episode, we chat about: What SmartGlamour is all about, why it’s accessible for ALL bodies and why it’s blazing the trail for body positive clothing retailers. The importance of diverse representation in the fashion industry and why the majority of retailers are falling short with their attempts at “body positivity”. How we can support body positivity with our dollars and not just attitudes. How sizing charts are really created, why they are misleading and why you shouldn’t care. Why we need to reclaim the word “flattering” back to its true definition and how it’s current use is demoralizing. How to enjoy the shopping experience and explore new styles. What to look for when shopping if you have a changing body and how clothing can support your body acceptance. Plus, so much more! 

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I’m chatting with Melissa Toler – writer, speaker and coach - about the intersection of racism and diet culture, why dieting is violence and how it strips us of our humanity and so much more. Melissa’s experience growing up as a Black woman and how this influenced her body image. The intersection of diet culture and racism and how this influences women of colour. The “Whiteness” of the wellness industry, how this has bled into body positivity and how its messaging is inaccessible to marginalized groups. What women of privilege need to know to do better and help liberate all bodies. Why dieting is violence against ourselves and how it robs us of our humanity. Why the pursuit of weight loss is not a personal choice, even though you may think it is. What to do to reclaim your humanity and autonomy amongst the pressures of diet culture. Plus, so much more! 

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