Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m revisiting my interview with Kelsey Miller, author of Big Girl. We chat about her journey out of disordered eating, what she learned about herself from giving up dieting and how she moved from the role of sidekick to leading lady in her life and I’ll be answering a listener question on what to do if you’re afraid of people judging your weight gain. In this episode, we chat about:
- I answer a listener question what to do if you’re afraid of people judging your weight gain,
- How Kelsey’s first extreme diet at the age of 11 planted the seed and kept her hooked on “the manic power of skinny” for years,
- How the pattern of being in the “zone” of a new diet followed by periods of crushing shame kept her trapped in the dieting cycle for years,
- The influence of Kelsey’s mom on her relationship with food and her body,
- The point when Kelsey realized she was done with dieting and self-loathing and ready to choose living,
- What it was like to become an intuitive eater,
- The real issue that was at the heart of Kelsey’s disordered relationship with food and how this impacted the rest of her life,
- How she stopped playing the sidekick and took the leading lady role in her life,
- What Kelsey’s imperfect relationship with her body is like now,
Plus so much more!
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