Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Shirin Eskandani - life coach, public speaker and writer – about how to find your purpose beyond dieting and appearance and how to overcome the fears that get in the way of pursuing more purpose and joy in your life.
Show notes:
We discuss:

- Shirin’s relationship with her body growing up and how she was able to accept her body through weight gain and reframe it as something positive,

- The impact of being a first generation immigrant and how that shaped Shirin’s body image and self-acceptance,

- How to find your purpose and that it’s not something that comes from outside of ourselves, 

- The difference between a life that looks fulfilling and one that feels fulfilling,

- Ways you can connect with your intuitive voice and practice self-trust,

- Creating goals based on feelings and doing feeling-checks as you progress,

- Practical ways we can find more fulfillment and purpose in our lives, 

- How to overcome fear and self-doubt when making changes to live more purposeful lives,

- How to stop perfectionism and the need to over-achieve from getting in the way of having more joy and fulfillment in your life,

- Embracing the idea of doing B+ work,

Plus, so much more!
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I’m interviewing Michelle Vina-Baltsas about agism, how to manage body changes as you age, the increased expectations put on women as they age and how to handle the struggles that pop up around mid-life.
 Show notes:
We discuss:
- Michelle’s history with dieting, how she left diet culture and how that inspired her to help other mid-life women to do the same,
- Michelle’s mixed-race identity and how that influenced the way she felt about herself growing up and how she’s owning it today, 
- The influence of aging/agism, 
- The unique struggles that pop up around body image during mid-life,
- How the idea that we’re no longer visible comes into play as we age and how to work through those feelings, 
- Navigating feelings of mortality and uncertainty as you age,
- How to practice self-compassion, including 3 steps to aid in compassionate self-talk,
- How to use gratitude to appreciate who you are and body changes, 
- Ways to change your relationship to aging, 
- How to navigate the information about perimenopause and menopause without being influenced by diet culture,
- How to focus on health without having it tied to weight,
Plus, so much more!
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