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I interview Leanne Ellington – writer, mad scientist, storyteller and body image rebel – on how to tame the bitch in your head and drop the weapons of control that keep you trapped in body shame. In this episode, we chat about How Leanne learned to accept herself after years of abusing her body both physically and mentally. How food and our bodies are used as weapons of control, judgment and comparison. Why dropping these weapons of control is necessary for self-love. How to understand and tame that ‘bitch’ in your head. The role of the brain and nervous system as it relates to self-image and esteem. Why bringing our past into the present keeps us trapped in bad cycles. The importance of becoming your own “Mad Scientist” and inner pilot versus listening to what everyone else is telling you to do. How to ditch the shame associated with your food choices.

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Annette Sloan – founder of (w)holehearted, health coach, speaker and yoga instructor – on how to instill a good relationship with food in your kids, body image for teens and why getting naked at a bathhouse was a pivotal moment in Annette’s journey to self-love. In this episode, we chat about: How Annette overcame her damaging relationship with ‘health’ and owned her story. The 11 phases of nourishment and how knowing these phases can help to shift the actions you take to change your relationship with food. How to instill a good relationship with food in your children. What to do if you’ve had a disordered relationship with food and are afraid your children have learned some unhealthy ways of thinking about food. The types of conversations parents should be having with their children to promote body positivity. How parents can lead by example to promote a healthy body image in their daughters (and sons!). Why visiting a nude bathhouse was a pivotal moment in Annette’s journey to body love.


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In this episode I interview Kevin Geary – founder of RebootedBody.com, host of The Rebooted Body Podcast and behaviour change expert – how to get out of the diet cycle when you feel like you’ve tried everything, why willpower is bullshit and what it really means to be addicted to sugar. We talk about...The missing pieces of the puzzle that helped Kevin end his struggle with dieting and rebounding. Why perfectionism contributes to sabotage. The most important mindset shifts to make to break the cycle of dieting and sabotage. Why understanding your symbolic substitutes is the key to changing your relationship with food. Why our unmet needs are at the root of our struggles with food. How to give food a new symbolism in your life. Why rules are the construct of the shame and guilt that keeps you trapped in the diet cycle. Kevin’s favorite tools for working through behavior change. Whether it’s possible to have a good relationship to ‘sugar’ even if you feel like you are addicted. Why willpower is bullshit. How to instill a good relationship with food in your kids. Plus so much more!

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