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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I chat with Sarah Knight – author of the national best-selling book The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck – on how to stop spending time you don’t have, with people you don’t like, doing things you don’t want to do. In this episode, we chat about: • Sarah’s formula to stop giving your fucks away to things that are sucking your time, energy and money • Why getting rid of fucks helped Sarah to be more enlightened and how you can have that too • The two-step process to help you stop giving a fuck • How to stop giving a fuck without being an asshole • Is it selfish to not give a fuck? • Why no longer giving a fuck about having a bikini body was the best fuck Sarah stopped giving • How to get over the guilt, shame and anxiety that holds us back from saying no to people and things we don’t want to do • Why the most important thing to stop giving a fuck about is other people’s opinions • Plus so much more!

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In this episode, we chat about: Where our need to compare comes from, Why it is one of the last things to disappear on your way to body love, The cultural influence on our need to compare, Why looking at comparisons from a broader social perspective helps us to unpack why they occur, Our evolutionary need to compare and corresponding emotional response, 9 steps you can take to end compare and despair today, Plus so much more!

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Welcome to the Rock Your Body Spotlight series! Where we meet three inspirational "Rockstars" and hear about their journey to food and body freedom. This week, we meet Erin - a busy mom of 5 - who worked with me in the latter part of 2014. 

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio I interview Jenn Scalia of jennscalia.com - Jenn coaches smart, successful women on how to get clear on what they want, set boundaries and love themselves more. We talk all about how you can build confidence and self-efficacy, crush self-doubt and redefine selfishness to live the life you dream of.

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Interview with Cindy Sexton – teacher, blogger and author of the cookbook Paleo Takes 5 or Fewer  – on how to empower kids to make healthy choices and how to fit simple and delicious meals into a hectic lifestyle. We talk about: How to empower young people to make healthy choices, without making them obsessed with dieting or food. Tips on incorporating good food into your life when you don't have a lot of time. Why you only need 3-5 ingredients to pull together a fab meal. Plus many more tips and practical advice on eating good food!

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Why getting uncomfortable is the catalyst for change - Interview With Lisa Carpenter

In this episode, I interview Nutritional Ninja Lisa Carpenter. We chat about: Why your body image issues don't go away even when you have achieved the 'perfect' figure. What accepting who you are really means (and does not mean) and the problem around thinking "I'll be happy when...".  A unique way of managing your emotional eating. What it means to be conscious when you are making decisions and why this is a key component to having a good relationship with food. Why being uncomfortable is critical to ditching the diet mentality. How to stop focusing on the negative and what you don't have, in order to improve your ability to maintain change. And so much more great content!

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