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I’m revisiting my interview with Isabel Foxen Duke from 2014 all about how to stop fighting food. This was truly revolutionary then! Plus, I’ll be answering a listener question on overcoming fear of weight gain. In this episode, we chat about:
- I answer a listener question about what to do if you’ve accepted where your body is at, but you are scared of gaining weight,
- Isabel tells her story of being a chronic dieter and finally realizing she had to let go of all judgments to heal her relationship with food,
- Why judgment about a right or wrong way to eat leaves you doomed for failure,
- Why when our motivation is driven by our desire to lose weight, shit gets very complicated,
- Thin privilege: what is it and how it holds up the body acceptance movement,
- Challenging fatphobic beliefs and letting go of that need to be thinner,
- Overcoming the belief that you need to be thinner to have a good relationship,
- Challenging the belief that if we lose weight we can control the entire universe,
- The social politics of weight discrimination,
- Everything you need to know about Isabel’s free training series Stop Fighting Food 
Plus, so much more! 
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