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I’m revisiting my interview with Isabel Foxen Duke from 2014 all about how to stop fighting food. This was truly revolutionary then! Plus, I’ll be answering a listener question on overcoming fear of weight gain. In this episode, we chat about:
- I answer a listener question about what to do if you’ve accepted where your body is at, but you are scared of gaining weight,
- Isabel tells her story of being a chronic dieter and finally realizing she had to let go of all judgments to heal her relationship with food,
- Why judgment about a right or wrong way to eat leaves you doomed for failure,
- Why when our motivation is driven by our desire to lose weight, shit gets very complicated,
- Thin privilege: what is it and how it holds up the body acceptance movement,
- Challenging fatphobic beliefs and letting go of that need to be thinner,
- Overcoming the belief that you need to be thinner to have a good relationship,
- Challenging the belief that if we lose weight we can control the entire universe,
- The social politics of weight discrimination,
- Everything you need to know about Isabel’s free training series Stop Fighting Food 
Plus, so much more! 
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It’s the Season 4 Finale of Fearless Rebelle Radio! I’m talking about what you can expect while I’m gone, what I’m looking forward to/terrified of and how you can work with me. Specifically:
- Fearless Rebelle Radio hit 1 Million downloads – thank you!!!!!!
- What’s happening with the podcast while I’m gone, 
- Why I’m really excited about re-releasing old episodes, 
- What maternity leave is going to be like for me,
- How I’m feeling going into maternity leave, 
- Various ways you can get support while I’m gone, 
- I’m going to miss you!!!
Plus, so much more! 
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It's a special episode because I’m speaking to 4 incredible women, whom I’m willing to bet will have pieces of their story resonate with you. These are 4 of my clients who worked with me during the You, On Fire program and they are here to show you that it is possible to go from obsessing over food and hating your body, to no longer fretting about your reflection and having so much more confidence in who you are outside of how you look. These women go on to be role models to their kids, they have more time so they volunteer or become advocates for social justice, they ask for a raise and a promotion at work, they speak up to their medical professional about HAES or they pursue a new calling. And in all of these little ways, they start to leave a different kind of mark on this world and change the culture. To enroll in You, On Fire go to summerinnanen.com/youonfire

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Jes Baker, author of Landwhale and Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is on the show talking about the difference between body love and body liberation, doing things she never thought she could, the struggle with finding a good relationship with food and more. In this episode, we chat about:
- Jes tells her story of how she found fat acceptance and how this changed her life,
- What she wants people to get out of Landwhale and why it was such a hard book to write, 
- Why “bopo light” is necessary and a needed stepping stone,
- The struggle she had in healing her relationship with food and what is working for her right now,
- Why understanding things logically is different than implementing it into your life,
- The difference between body love and body liberation and how liberation is needed to really heal,
- What helped her to do the myriad of things she never thought she could do and her advice for others, 
- Why this idea of being bulletproof to criticism and trolling doesn’t exist and why this idea is harmful, 
- Why we need more vulnerability, 
Plus, so much more! 
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Virgie Tovar, author of You Have The Right To Remain Fat is on the show talking about why diet culture is so toxic to our self-worth, the influence of sexism on our desire to diet and so much more. In this episode, we chat about:
- Virgie’s new book, You Have The Right To Remain Fat – why she wrote it and what’s she’s hoping people get out of it,
- How Virgie felt the magic of her body as a child before she was introduced to fatphobia and how that magic feels today, 
- The importance of understanding what internalized inferiority is, how this is upheld by diet culture and how you can unpack that for yourself,
- Why “dieting is a survival technique” and obligation in our culture, 
- The role of sexism in diet culture and why it’s a means of controlling women’s lives, 
- Why intimate relationships might take longer to cultivate once you’ve opted out of diet culture, but will ultimately be more meaningful and fulfilling,
- The difference between liberation and acceptance and why we need to be aiming for liberation versus settling for acceptance, 
- Why you deserve more than a $7 bottle of Shiraz and need to upgrade to the Dom Perignon and other amazing metaphors to help you feel worthy of all your desires,
Plus, so much more! 
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Carmen Cool, Psychotherapist is on the show talking about how to move past the “rebellious streak” that happens when we stop dieting, how to care for ourselves during political turmoil and more. In this episode, we chat about:
- How Carmen overcame an eating disorder and found health at every size and fat acceptance,
- The importance of weaving fat politics into her work with clients, 
- The practices that Carmen uses to help others unpack internalized fatphobia and weight stigma,
- How to manage/process feelings that come up with recent political events, 
- The importance of self-care and how to manage that when you feel guilty for taking a pause from everything happening in the world, 
- How tapping into our “rebellious side” during healing can lead to freedom, but also keep us stuck,
- What to do if you feel you are bouncing between compliance and rebellion (all or nothing anti-diet thinking), 
- Why attunement goes far beyond our food needs,
Plus, so much more! 
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Rachel Cole shares the mic with me as we share our experiences with pregnancy, about our fears about the postpartum period, weight stigma, body image and more. We chat about:
- Our experiences with pregnancy thus far – the impact it’s had on our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and whether it was what we expected,
- The amount of self-care that we’ve had to allocate to managing the emotional and physical changes of pregnancy, 
- The cultural pressure and beauty standards are put on pregnant people,
- Weight stigma and the impact it has on pregnant people,
- How pregnancy has impacted the relationship we have with our bodies and our body image,
- The specific things we’ve done to support our body image throughout pregnancy, 
- Rachel’s Belly Love Podcast to help people “get out of the homogenous stories of bellies" and feel more at ease,
- Our fears about postpartum – depression, anxiety, isolation and what plans we’re putting in place to support us,
- The importance of learning and talking about the postpartum period, 
Plus, so much more! 
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Kristina Bruce, Certified Integrative Life Coach is on the show talking about how our thoughts are not the truth, tools you can use to change your beliefs about food and your body and more. We chat about:
- Kristina shares her story of being obsessed with “wellness” to be thin and how she found the anti-diet way and health at every size,
- How Byron Katie’s “The Work” helped her to find out her truth and stop relying on external messages, 
- The basics of “The Work” and the various questions you can ask yourself to dig into your beliefs,
- Why our stressful thoughts are not the truth, 
- How to dig deeper into beliefs in order to shift them or see them another way, 
- Specific steps you can take to explore a stressful/negative thought to try and shift it,
- How to integrate social justice into changing your thoughts, 
- Why our culture’s obsession with extreme diets might be a response to the chaos in the world,
Plus, so much more! 
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Gloria Lucas, body-positive activist and founder of Nalgona Positivity Pride is on the show talking about the impact of historical trauma on the mental health of BIPOC, why diet culture is colonial mentality and more. We chat about:
- Gloria shares her story of recovering from an eating disorder and why this prompted her to start Nalgona Positivity Pride,
- How her experience recovering from an eating disorder brought to light how ED recovery leaves out and is inaccessible to marginalized groups, 
- What historical trauma is and how it impacts the experiences and recovery for marginalized folx,
- Why “diet culture is colonial mentality” and how “you are what you eat” is colonial mentality, 
- How foods that are part of indigenous cultures become co-opted by health culture and why this is so problematic, 
- The influence of colonialism on body image for brown-indigenous folx and Gloria’s experience with this,
- Why body positivity needs to be more inclusive and political to change the institutions that are terrorizing bodies, 
- How “reclaiming her identity as brown” helped with Gloria’s healing,
Plus, so much more! 
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I’m interviewing Sassy Latte, Body and Sex positive Feminist, about how the concept of “self-love” leaves out marginalized individuals, issues within body positivity and more. We chat about:
-How @sassy_latte came to be and thoughts on first discovering body positivity,
-How fusing the political with personal has been imperative to healing body dissatisfaction for Sassy, 
-The intersection of race and body image, 
-Why “self-love” neglects the trauma/experiences of marginalized bodies and how we can do better to make it more inclusive, 
-The problems with the body positivity movement and how it can discredit marginalized bodies,
-Is allyship even possible as a thin and/or white person?
-What it means to tokenize and how this is problematic for those in marginalized groups,
-Where white women (and particularly thin white women) can do better to support POC and other marginalized groups, 
Plus, so much more! 
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