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Be An Imperfectionist - Interview With Alen Standish

In this episode, I interview Alen Standish – writer and podcaster – on how he overcame 15-20 years of binge eating and poor self-image to be a full time imperfectionist. In this episode, we chat about: How Alen overcame 15-20 years of binge eating and poor self-image. The role that perfectionism and shame played in his binge eating. His experience overcoming body image issues as a man and issues normally associated with women. How body image issues manifest differently in men. Why his relationship with food was never about the food and the specific tools that helped him get to the root of the issue. The role of meditation in Alen’s recovery. Letting go of your “give a damn” to stop allowing other people’s perceptions rule your actions. The specific things you can do to end your war with perfectionism. All about Alen’s new podcast Inner Effort and how this platform will share people’s tactics on how they overcame various emotional struggles. PLUS SO much more…


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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Kelly Boaz – Holistic Nutritionist, writer and speaker – on overcoming fear of shame, redefining success and weight and how she overcame her battle with anorexia. In this episode, we chat about: How Kelly recovered from her 17 year battle with anorexia and helps other women do the same.Why eating disorders are not simply an issue of poor body image and that this is often a symptom. How she manages nutrition without being obsessive and disordered with it.The best way to let go of food fears and break down the walls of restriction. Why community support was so important to Kelly’s recovery. Why we need to stop intertwining success and failure with weight loss and gain.PLUS SO much more…


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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Keri-Anne Livingstone – Certified Professional Coach, Impassioned Speaker and “Edu-tainer” – on radical self-acceptance, overcoming fear and how to be the truest version of ourselves. In this episode, we chat about: How Keri-Anne went through big life challenges to find joy.Why surrendering to our struggles can help us find gifts. What it means to Dare To Suck and how this intention can help you unlock your greatest potential. How to implement ‘Daring To Suck’ in your life to be fearless. How a simple mindset shift of ‘detaching yourself from the outcome’ can help you overcome self-doubt. Why paying attention to what lights you up is the first step towards finding the fulfillment you crave. How acknowledging and allowing all of the different parts of yourself to ‘admit their shit’ is integral to creating the emotional release needed to move forward. How to feel worthy to make the changes you want to have in your life. PLUS SO much more…


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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Julie Kelly – consultant at Nourish Balance Thrive and new mom – on the B.S. around ‘body after baby’, body image before and after baby and navigating self-care as a new mom. In this episode, we chat about: Why ‘body after baby’ is bullshit and harmful to women’s health and well-being. Julie’s thoughts on ‘mommy wars’ and the competitive pressures of being a new mom. Why you need to focus on recovery, not ‘losing the baby weight’. How to overcome body image concerns pre and post baby. How Julie managed her pregnancy and recovery as an athlete. The importance of stress management and self-care as a new mom. How Julie makes time for self-care given her busy schedule. Why hormonal testing is so important if you feel you are not getting better on your own. PLUS SO much more…

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Choosing Fulfillment Over Restriction - Interview With Tegan Westra

In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Tegan Westra – Body Love Wellness Coach, EFT Practitioner and leader of the body love revolution – on how she overcame bulimia and created a fulfilling life outside of food and fitness.  In this episode, we chat about: How Tegan healed herself after a battle with bulimia as a teenager. How she had to rediscover herself and seek fulfillment in other areas of her life to cultivate a sense of peace with food. How you can create a life that is filled with joy. What is EFT and how it is something Tegan uses daily to release and overcome negative emotions. How EFT helps to release your emotional attachment from food. PLUS SO much more…


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I interview Leanne Ellington – writer, mad scientist, storyteller and body image rebel – on how to tame the bitch in your head and drop the weapons of control that keep you trapped in body shame. In this episode, we chat about How Leanne learned to accept herself after years of abusing her body both physically and mentally. How food and our bodies are used as weapons of control, judgment and comparison. Why dropping these weapons of control is necessary for self-love. How to understand and tame that ‘bitch’ in your head. The role of the brain and nervous system as it relates to self-image and esteem. Why bringing our past into the present keeps us trapped in bad cycles. The importance of becoming your own “Mad Scientist” and inner pilot versus listening to what everyone else is telling you to do. How to ditch the shame associated with your food choices.

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I interview Annette Sloan – founder of (w)holehearted, health coach, speaker and yoga instructor – on how to instill a good relationship with food in your kids, body image for teens and why getting naked at a bathhouse was a pivotal moment in Annette’s journey to self-love. In this episode, we chat about: How Annette overcame her damaging relationship with ‘health’ and owned her story. The 11 phases of nourishment and how knowing these phases can help to shift the actions you take to change your relationship with food. How to instill a good relationship with food in your children. What to do if you’ve had a disordered relationship with food and are afraid your children have learned some unhealthy ways of thinking about food. The types of conversations parents should be having with their children to promote body positivity. How parents can lead by example to promote a healthy body image in their daughters (and sons!). Why visiting a nude bathhouse was a pivotal moment in Annette’s journey to body love.


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In this episode I interview Kevin Geary – founder of RebootedBody.com, host of The Rebooted Body Podcast and behaviour change expert – how to get out of the diet cycle when you feel like you’ve tried everything, why willpower is bullshit and what it really means to be addicted to sugar. We talk about...The missing pieces of the puzzle that helped Kevin end his struggle with dieting and rebounding. Why perfectionism contributes to sabotage. The most important mindset shifts to make to break the cycle of dieting and sabotage. Why understanding your symbolic substitutes is the key to changing your relationship with food. Why our unmet needs are at the root of our struggles with food. How to give food a new symbolism in your life. Why rules are the construct of the shame and guilt that keeps you trapped in the diet cycle. Kevin’s favorite tools for working through behavior change. Whether it’s possible to have a good relationship to ‘sugar’ even if you feel like you are addicted. Why willpower is bullshit. How to instill a good relationship with food in your kids. Plus so much more!

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In this episode I interview Louise Androlia - Holistic Empowerment Coach, Artist, Tarot Reader and general Magic Maker - on the art of surrendering and letting go of control. We talk about: What it really means to let go of control. How this can benefit all areas of your life. How to start practicing letting go of control. How to reconnect to ourselves to embody self-love. Why lighting up our spirit is integral to building self-worth. Plus so much more!

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In this episode I chat with Lauren Schoenfeld - Registered Dietitian, writer and a woman I love - all about adrenal fatigue. What it is, the hidden causes and how to know if you have it. Why your 'healthy' diet might actually be making you less healthy. Why overtraining and undereating are often causes of adrenal fatigue. Why emotional health is equally important to overall healh. How to heal and recover from adrenal fatigue. Plus so much more!

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