Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m interviewing Imogen Fox, the person behind @the_feeding_of_the_fox. We talk about what it was like to recover from an eating disorder and navigating body acceptance as a Disabled Person with chronic conditions. In this episode, we chat about:
- Imogen’s relationship with her body as a queer Disabled Person and how this evolved over time,
- Why she didn’t think she was on a diet when she really was,
- What was so hard about recovering from an eating disorder and what those first few months of navigating intuitive eating were like, 
- Imogen discusses the differences of what it was like to live as a person with thin privilege and as someone in a fat body, 
- Why she rejects the idea of body love and says it only creates more standards for marginalized people to fail,
- What body acceptance means for her,
- How to find acceptance and appreciation for your body when you have impairments or chronic conditions,
- Why it’s problematic that the paleo community makes it feel like you should be able to “cure” your illnesses with food,
- The importance of the social model of disability,
Plus, so much more! 
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I am interviewing Thais Sky, speaker, author and women’s leadership coach. We chat about worthiness, how to heal our “worthiness wound,” the problem with mantras and positive thinking, the importance of feeling feelings to heal and more. In this episode, we chat about:
- Thais’ story of recovering from binge eating and using food to numb emotions,
- What the “worthiness wound” is and why it’s not our fault that we have this, 
- How the “worthiness wound” is formed and what we’re really craving when we desire a sense of worth, 
- The difference between self-love and self-worth,
- How we’re not taught how to deal with our emotions and why this creates internal stress and a desire for coping mechanisms, 
- The various ways the “worthiness wound” manifests in our behaviour, 
- The importance of feeling emotions and how to start to do that,
- The two problems Thais sees with how we typically try to work on self-worth,
- The first step towards exploring and healing your “worthiness wound,”
- What is possible for women when we cultivate a sense of worth, 
Plus, so much more! 
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I’m chatting with DeAun Nelson and Sarah Thompson, HAES Practitioners. We talk about what factors influence our health, how to stop blaming yourself for not being able to lose weight and how to advocate for your health at the doctor. In this episode, we chat about:
- Sarah and DeAun’s very different paths to finding health at every size and what inspired them to start the Do No Harm podcast, 
- How to understand and believe the truth about weight and health, 
- Their advice to people who hold resentment or blame themselves for not being able to lose weight, 
- How to find your own definition of health and why focusing on “healing over health” might be a more useful and compassionate strategy,
- What to do at the doctor to communicate your needs and advocate for better care,
- How to find a health at every size practitioner,
Plus, so much more! 
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I’m chatting with Tiana Dobson, a fat certified holistic health coach, about the role activism played in her journey, why body acceptance will always be an uphill battle and the importance of language and self-compassion in healing. In this episode, we chat about:
- How Tiana was a chronic dieter who eventually found fat acceptance and health at every size, 
- Her experience becoming a health coach and the transformation that happened for her during this time, 
- Why she needed permission to be happy and fat before she could accept it herself, 
- Why health is so much more than our bloodwork,
- Her explanation as to why “if you don’t like yourself fat, you won’t like yourself thin,”
- Why accepting your body will always be an uphill battle,
- Why Tiana doesn’t use “body positive” in her work,
- The importance of language in cultivating body acceptance,
- How to cultivate a practice of self-compassion to facilitate self-worth,
- Why everyone can be an activist by radically accepting themselves, 
Plus, so much more!
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