Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
“Normal” Eating - With Christy Harrison

I chat with Christy Harrison – Intuitive Eating Counselor and Anti-Diet Registered Dietician – on what it means to be a “normal” eater, how the transition from dieter to intuitive eater looks and the fallacies around food addiction. • How Christy developed an eating disorder in college and what was at the root of her sudden obsession with weight • What it was like for her to discover intuitive eating • Her experience studying dietetics at school and what she noticed about the way weight and health are taught and the implications on our health care system • What it means to be a “normal” eater • The different stages that people go through when they transition from “dieter” to “intuitive eater” • The physiological reason why we go through the “honeymoon” / eat-all-the-things phase when transitioning to intuitive eating • Why food addiction is not real and the fallacies around that • Plus so much more!

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Fattitude - With Lyndsey Averill and Viri Lieberman

I chat with Lyndsey Averill and Viri Lieberman, the creators of the movie Fattitude – a documentary that exposes how popular culture fosters fat prejudice and then offers an alternative way of thinking – on fat acceptance, thin privilege and body positivity and why they created Fattitude to change our culture to eradicate size prejudice. In this episode, we chat about: • The inspiration behind the movie Fattitude and why Lyndsey and Viri created it • Lyndsey and Viri’s personal experiences that led them to want to create this film • How diet culture and the beauty industry has co-opted “body positivity” for their capital gains • Whether weight loss and fat acceptance can go hand-in-hand • How the media’s representation of fat bodies perpetuates size discrimination • Why “health” is becoming the new guise for diet culture • The insidious ways fatphobia exists in our culture and why changing our language and words can contribute to it • What it means to have thin privilege and why it’s important to acknowledge that it exists • How you can support the film to bring it into film festivals and create cultural change • Plus so much more!

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Beat Binge Eating - Interview With Lydia Wente

On the show today is Lydia Wente – Lifestyle Coach and binge eating expert, author and vlogger – on her recovery from binge eating, the fallacies around food addiction and her unique approach to helping women overcome it. In this episode, we chat about: • How Lydia’s career as a weight loss coach led to her having an eating disorder and how she “came out” and gave that up to recover from it • How she stopped feeling “possessed” by food and totally out-of-control • The most common causes of binge eating • Her beliefs about “food addiction” • Why therapy is not always helpful for women with food issues • Why understanding our thoughts is critical to overcoming binge eating • Lydia’s 3 steps towards helping you manage binge eating • The importance of body image work in her recovery and how she helps other women • How humor has helped her manage her thoughts • Plus so much more!

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We’re baaaaack! In this second special episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, fellow Body Image Coach, Sarah Vance, and I get back together to share the mic to talk about self-doubt, overcoming judgments and what confidence means to us. We chat about the Reclaim Retreat happening May 2017! In this episode, we chat about: • THE RECLAIM RETREAT happening May 2017 – it’s half-way sold out! Early Bird tickets are on until August 9th. • How self-doubt showed up for us in the past versus how it impacts us now • What self-doubt really is and how we both manage it • How we overcome and manage judgments and comparisons • How we approach confidence in our everyday lives • Our “Tony Robbins” inspirational speeches • Plus so much more!

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