Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I'm talking to Amy E. Smith, certified confidence coach and founder of talks about the relationship between self-worth and people pleasing, how to let go of people pleasing tendencies and start being more intentional about your desires and needs. We chat about:
The relationship between being able to navigate relationships and your self-worth, 
Why “owning your voice” have everything to do with self-worth,
- The ways in which people pleasing prevents us from cultivating self-worth,
The two ways we subtly send that message that everyone else’s needs are more important than our own,
Why “negative” emotions will not disappear with more self-help and how you can start embracing them to feel more whole,
How to let go of what other people think and trying to control the outcome of every situation,
Two ways to operate from a place of grace and kindness when setting boundaries or standing your ground,
And more!
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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio I’m catching up with Laurel, one of the amazing women who went through the Rock Your Body program last year. Laurel is here to tell her story about how she went from being “health and exercise obsessed” to feeling free in her life and body. She tells the truth about how this doesn't happen overnight and what tools helped her the most. 

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I’m talking about the difference between body esteem and self-worth, why fat is not a feeling, what we can learn from our bad body days and 5 questions to help you work through moments of body shame. I'm talking about:
- The difference between self-esteem and self-worth,
- Why having body confidence and body-esteem only addresses a small piece of our self-worth,
- The importance of self-compassion as it relates to our self-worth and body image,
- Why self-worth and body image are interconnected,
- Why fat is not a feeling and how to tap into your real emotions,
- What our bad body days are telling us and how to decode your moments of body shame,
- 5 questions you can ask yourself to work through moments of body shame.
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