Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m with Graeme Seabrook, certified life coach and founder of The Mom Center talking about how capitalism and the patriarchy shape the way we view motherhood, how this impacts our self-worth and how to start advocating for your wants. We discuss:
- The personal story that inspired Graeme to become a coach for moms,

- How capitalism and patriarchy is in EVERYTHING and particularly how it shapes motherhood,
- How we are gendering our kids from birth and the implications this has on how we show up as parents,
- What “the motherload” is and the burden it puts in our well-being,
- How to identify the mental, emotional, physical and financial labor you put into your partnership and how to start to shift it,
- The importance of making your “motherload” visible in order to shift the balance,
- How “the motherload” impacts our sense of self-worth,
- Why it’s so hard to identify and advocate for our wants and how to start doing that,
Plus, so much more!

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I’m interviewing Nina Purewal, co-author of the bestselling book Let That Shhhh Go. We talk about how to work through negative thoughts, cultivating forgiveness in the worst of situations and how to find more peace and happiness in the present moment. We discuss:

- How some of the tragic events in Nina’s life inspired her to study mindfulness and write the book Let That Shhhh Go,
- Some of the best ways to manage negative thoughts,
- Why negative thoughts are addictive and so hard to break,
- A helpful analogy to understand why it can take so long to change negative thoughts,
- How to stop worrying about the future and fixating on the past in order to stay more present,
- How to get away from thinking that happiness only exists in the future,
- The importance of forgiveness and how Nina was able to forgive people in her life involved in tragedy,
- Why you need to let that shhhh out before you can let that shhh go,
Plus, so much more! 

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Kaila Tova, creator of the Your Body, Your Brand podcast is on the show talking about why so many women are dropping out of the workforce to become coaches, how our current workforce takes away agency and why feminism is broken. We discuss:

- Why Kaila decided to create the Your Body, Your Brand podcast and the questions she was hoping to answer,
- How marketing is manipulative,
- What Kaila’s experience was like in the health coaching world,
- Why so many women are dropping out of the workforce to become coaches,
- Why Kaila states that “women’s bodies are their brands,” 

- What happens when women try to monetize their bodies,
- MLMs and why women feel the need to go into this kind of business,
- The biggest problem with corporate working environments and why they strip us of our agency,
- Why feminism is broken and whether or not there are any solutions for true empowerment,

Plus, so much more! 
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