Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
Be An Imperfectionist - Interview With Alen Standish

In this episode, I interview Alen Standish – writer and podcaster – on how he overcame 15-20 years of binge eating and poor self-image to be a full time imperfectionist. In this episode, we chat about: How Alen overcame 15-20 years of binge eating and poor self-image. The role that perfectionism and shame played in his binge eating. His experience overcoming body image issues as a man and issues normally associated with women. How body image issues manifest differently in men. Why his relationship with food was never about the food and the specific tools that helped him get to the root of the issue. The role of meditation in Alen’s recovery. Letting go of your “give a care” to stop allowing other people’s perceptions rule your actions. The specific things you can do to end your war with perfectionism. All about Alen’s new podcast Inner Effort and how this platform will share people’s tactics on how they overcame various emotional struggles. PLUS SO much more…


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