Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I’m chatting with Melissa Toler – writer, speaker and coach - about the intersection of racism and diet culture, why dieting is violence and how it strips us of our humanity and so much more. Melissa’s experience growing up as a Black woman and how this influenced her body image. The intersection of diet culture and racism and how this influences women of colour. The “Whiteness” of the wellness industry, how this has bled into body positivity and how its messaging is inaccessible to marginalized groups. What women of privilege need to know to do better and help liberate all bodies. Why dieting is violence against ourselves and how it robs us of our humanity. Why the pursuit of weight loss is not a personal choice, even though you may think it is. What to do to reclaim your humanity and autonomy amongst the pressures of diet culture. Plus, so much more! 

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