Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I chat with Virgie Tovar – Author, Speaker and Activist – on the roots of diet culture, the relationship between weight-loss culture and social oppressions, the role of internalized sexism as it relates to self-worth and so much more. In this episode, we chat about: • How Virgie got into fat activism and feminism and how it saved her life • The experiences and women who inspired her to write the book Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion and create Babecamp • The history of diet culture and it’s relationship to sexuality and morality • The relationship between weight-loss culture and social oppressions, such as sexism, racism and classism • What the normalization of dieting behavior looks like in our society • Dieting as a language and the symbolism of and what it means to people • Diet culture in the workplace and how to deal with co-workers who are invested in it • How feelings of inferiority are often at the root of our dieting and weight-focused behaviours • The relationship between inferiority and internalized sexism • Why dieting is addictive and difficult to abandon because of the drama and high it gives us • Plus so much more!

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