Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen

I give you an epic guide to body image and body positivity with tons of theory on the most important concepts, including the societal and psychological factors that construct our body image, the importance of looking at self-worth, a description of the popular terminology and what the body positivity movement is all about. In this episode, I talk about: • What is your body image and what are symptoms of a poor body image • The relationship between beauty standards and body image. • The social and psychological factors that contribute to the way we feel about our bodies • What it means to have a positive body image and busting some common myths • The different stages we go through in order get to a place where we feel comfortable in our skin • An abbreviated summary of popular terminology in the body positive /anti-diet community, including, diet culture, health at every size (HAES), thin privilege and fatphobia • Body positivity 101 – what the movement is all about and why it’s so much more than half-naked selfies • Plus so much more!

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I chat with Krista Niles – Therapist and Body-Positive Dating Coach – on how to navigate dating at any size, the best ways to meet new potential partners and why you don’t need to wait until you “love yourself first.” {IMAGE GOES HERE} In this episode, we chat about: • What prompted Krista to create the Curvy Cupid Course and help women with their dating and relationships • Where to even begin with dating if you’re inexperienced or have been out of the dating scene for a while • How dating norms have changed over the years • What to do if body insecurity gets in the way of you putting yourself out there and meeting new potential partners • How to initiate meaningful discussion to get to know new people • Krista’s recommended sites to use for online dating and why she recommends them • Alternative ways to meet people outside of online dating • How to filter out jerks, fat haters and people with weird fetishes • Why you don’t need to “love yourself first” • Can you teach someone about body positivity and is it worth your time pursuing a relationship where the person isn’t “woke” yet • Plus so much more!

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I chat with Virgie Tovar – Author, Speaker and Activist – on the roots of diet culture, the relationship between weight-loss culture and social oppressions, the role of internalized sexism as it relates to self-worth and so much more. In this episode, we chat about: • How Virgie got into fat activism and feminism and how it saved her life • The experiences and women who inspired her to write the book Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion and create Babecamp • The history of diet culture and it’s relationship to sexuality and morality • The relationship between weight-loss culture and social oppressions, such as sexism, racism and classism • What the normalization of dieting behavior looks like in our society • Dieting as a language and the symbolism of and what it means to people • Diet culture in the workplace and how to deal with co-workers who are invested in it • How feelings of inferiority are often at the root of our dieting and weight-focused behaviours • The relationship between inferiority and internalized sexism • Why dieting is addictive and difficult to abandon because of the drama and high it gives us • Plus so much more!

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Scarred Not Scared - With Michelle Elman

I chat with Michelle Elman – Board Certified Life Coach and creator of the Scarred Not Scared campaign – on her story of having gone through 15 surgeries before the age of 20, the problem with “healthy is the new skinny” and why health is not always a choice. In this episode, we chat about: • Michelle’s relationship to her body over the years having gone through various surgeries that left scars and how she learned to embrace her scars • How her experience with survivor’s guilt created shame and how sharing her story helped her heal • The importance of speaking about our stories to relieve shame • How to get comfortable and accept a changing body • Why body positivity is not necessarily what the mainstream makes it out to be • Why health is not always a choice and the problem with promoting “healthy as the new skinny” • What beautiful means and how Michelle’s perception of this has evolved over the years • How we can make the body positive movement more inclusive • Plus so much more!

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In this episode of Fearless Rebelle Radio, I run solo and talk about setting intentions, giving you 7 questions to ask yourself when you’re craving change. As well as, what to expect from season 3. In this episode, I chat about: • Why I put FRR on hiatus and what to expect from season 3 • Why I don’t like resolutions and cringe at the word “goals” • How I set intentions for myself when I’m craving change • 7 questions to ask yourself to set a powerful intention • Why this is the year of the Nasty woman for me

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