Eat the Rules with Summer Innanen
I’m running solo and talking about how to set boundaries with people who talk about dieting. Plus, how to successfully exist in diet culture.. I talk about:
- How to decide what boundaries to set,
- Why having boundaries is an essential part of bolstering your self-worth, 
- The two types of boundaries you can set, 
- How to set a boundary with family/friends who talk about dieting, 
- A script of what to say when you’re setting the boundary, 
- What to do if setting boundaries feels scary and hard,
- How to respond to triggering situations where your body image has been shaken or you feel tempted to diet,
- Specific things you can do to cope when you’ve been triggered, 
Plus, so much more! 
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I’m interviewing Dr. Colleen Reichmann, about the problems with wellness and fitness culture, how they hurt our mental health and how to heal an obsessive relationship with these things. We chat about:
- How Colleen healed her eating disorder and went on to become a clinical psychologist who specializes in this field,
- How she found health at every size and fat acceptance and incorporates this into her practice, 
- The problems with wellness culture and why it is diet culture in disguise, 
- Why we are so obsessed with wellness as a culture, 
- Why our body and willpower is not the problem when it comes to having “control with food,” 
- Why we both think the keto diet is the worst,
- How to heal your obsessive relationship with wellness and fitness,
- Why “strong is the new skinny” is so problematic and why extremes in fitness are not often acknowledged as disordered, 
Plus, so much more! 
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I’m interviewing Aaron Flores, about healing body image from a male perspective, how to teach kids to have a positive body image and taking a health at every size approach to healing binge eating disorder. We chat about:
- How Aaron’s path to intuitive eating and health at every size started by helping clients with weight loss and realizing the damage it was doing,
- Aaron’s struggles with body image and the steps he took to heal, 
- The importance of focusing on respecting your body instead of “loving” your body, 
- Different ways to teach kids how to have a positive body image, 
- How Aaron responded when his son came to him and was upset because someone had called him fat, 
- What characterizes binge eating disorder and makes it similar to binging in response to chronic dieting,
- How weight-stigma is trauma and the importance of addressing this in healing,
- How Aaron approaches BED from a health at every size, trauma-informed perspective, 
Plus, so much more! 
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I’m interviewing Carla Korn, about pre and post-natal body image, the relationship between negative body image and post-partum depression and navigating self-care as a parent. We chat about:
- Carla’s story of navigating pregnancy as a recovered person and why she is so passionate about the work she does today,
- We unpack the pressure to only gain a certain amount of weight while pregnant and its impact on body image, 
- How to navigate body image struggles while pregnant, 
- Why we often feel like we’ve lost a piece of our identity post-partum and how to reclaim that sense of self, 
- Carla’s answer to the “getting your body back” BS, 
- The relationship between post-partum depression, negative body image and perfectionism,
- How to reduce comparisons to other parents,
- How to navigate self-care and make it a priority as a new parent, 
Plus, so much more! 
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